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L&T FM1QT Time Switch Programming Video

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FM1 QT Time Switches are used for a wide variety of applications. They are used for fixed time based daily/weekly applications. They are ideal for lighting applications (specially street lighting ) and are also used to control air conditioners in ATM, coolers, geysers, conveyors, pumps and exhaust fans.



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Ingersoll Rand Service Centre

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Electrical Thumb Rules

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Size of Cable on Secondary Side of Transformer (11KV/433V)
Ref: KSEI Handbook
Rating of T/C (KVA) Primary current (Amp) Secondary Current (Amp) Min. Size of Neutral Earthing Conductor (mm2) Minimum Size of Cable (mm2)
63 3.3 84 25X3 50mm2
100 5.25 133.3 25X3 95mm2 or (2×50 mm2)
160 8.4 213.3 25X3 185mm2 or (2×95 mm2)
200 10.49 266.6 25X3 300mm2 or (2×120 mm2)
250 13.12 333 25X3 2×185 mm2
315 16.53 420 31X3 or 25X4 (2×300 mm2) or (3×185 mm2)
400 21.80 533 38X3 (3×300 mm2) or (2×400 mm2)
500 26.20 666.5 25X6 (3×400 mm2) or (4×240 mm2)
630 33 840 31X6 4×400 mm2
750 39.36 1000 50X4 Bus Bar Trucking (min. Isc 50KA)
1000 52.50 1333 210mm2 Bus Bar Trucking (min. Isc 50KA)
1250 65.50 1667 290mm2 Bus Bar Trucking (min. Isc 50KA)
1600 83.98 2133 380mm2 Bus Bar Trucking (min. Isc 50KA)
2000 105.00 2666 450mm2 Bus Bar Trucking (min. Isc 50KA)

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Production Count on SMS

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Mahesh Engineering Services, Automation Development Effort ventured into yet another path breaking avenue. Automatic Machine SMS transmitting live data.

Pilot Project : Integrated GSM Module For SMS (Short Messeging Service) on Mobile for Moulding Line Production Update

Objective : Taking Output from a machine linked to a PLC, and interfaced GSM Module to send periodic information over SMS.

Description : count the no of cycle every hour and have an automatic sms coming to count and monitor the no of moulds made.

How it was achieved : Through a case study and integration of GSM Module, the same was achieved to bring required result. The Output looked as per following.



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