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Million Smiles

The MAHESH ENGG SERVICES!! team has millions of good reasons to be smiling about the New Version of Content and Information Rich Content Platform for Technical Data. Throughout  the New Platform In its current incarnation, it's will have hundreds of downloads, taking it to an unprecedented level of popularity.

The new code base is almost an entire re-factor of the website old code base ( . The user experience is going to still extremely slick but for develope the API is a dream. A proper framework for real Switchgears And Electrical architects seeking the best of the best.

If you're a former User, this new platform is the future of MAHESH ENGG SERVICES 's super information highway for a number of reasons. It's more powerful, more flexible, more secure, and intuitive. Our developers and interface designers have worked on for countless hours to make this the most exciting release in the switchgear business information content management system sphere.

Go on ... get the most on MAHESH ENGG SERVICES!! today and spread the word about this benchmark project.


Mahesh Malani

Lead Developer -