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About Mahesh Engg!

Our Activities

Mahesh Engg. Services is an authorised stockist for different L&T SWITCHGEAR PRODUCTS, Like :

» Motor Starters
» Bimetal Overload Relays (MN Type - In built Single Phasing Protection)
» Power / Control Contactors (Upto 4 Pole Contactors)
» Electronic / Thermal Timers.
» Pendant Push Button & Push Button Units Type TK3
» Switch Disconnector Isolators / Switch Disconnector Fuse Units / HRC Fuses
» On-Load Changeover Switch type FG. (3pole + Neutral)
» Motor Protection Circuit Breakers.
» Moulded Case Circuit Breakers (3 Pole & 4 Pole available with Electronic Release)
» Flexible Wires / House Wires / Flat Cables.
» Air Circuit Breakers.
» With Microproccesor Based, Computer Compatible Release Type SR61C
» With Microproccesor Base Release type SR21, SR21 E & Annunciator
» With Solid State Analog Release Type SR15G.
» Electronic Metering Devices
» 1 Ph. & 3 Ph. KWH Meter
» 3 Ph. (96 x 96) ACRUX KWH Meter
» Intelligent (96 x 96) QUASSAR Panel Meter (With Digital Display)
» TRIVECTOR METERS. (Available for GEB-LTP-III Tarrif)
» Digital Protective Relays. (lPh. & 3 Ph.)
» Low cost Motor Protection Relay MPR 300
» Over / Under Current, Over / Under Voltage, Earth Fault, Relays
» Automatic Power Factor Control Relay
» Timer Relay, Fuse Failure Relay, Trip CKT - Supervision relay
» Neutral Displacement & Netural Monitoring Relays
»  Frequency Relay, Generator Protection Relay, Transformer Protection relays
»  Syncrocheck & Auto Synchronising Relay, Measuring relay
»  Load Sharing & Power Management Relay
»  Matrix Interface / Data Rec. & Comm. / Expansion Module
»  RS232 - RS485 Converter, Communication Software
» ESSBEE 22.5MM DIA. MODULAR REMOTE CONTROL PUSH BUTTON UNITS & ACCESSIORIES                         »  Illuminated & Non-Illuminated Actuators, Selectors, Key Actuators
»  Neon / LED Indicators
»  Push Button Station with IP 65 Protection
»  Available in 48x48 mm., 72x72 mm, 96x96 mm., 144x 144 mm.
»   EQ Moving Iron AC Volmeter / Ampmeter
»  ZQ Pointer Frequency Meter
»  CQ Power Factor Meter
» MPP-S, MPP-H, APP, MDXL Type Power Capacitor
» MCBs 1 to 4Pole upto 100A
» ELCBs - (30ma, 100ma. 300ma.) 2 & 4 Pole UPTO 100 A
» Isolators 1-4 Pole Upto 100A
» Indvicta Plug & Sockets For lPh. & 3Ph
» Change Over, MCB + ELCB Combined
»  PVC / SS. ENCL. (Single & Double Door)
» Electronics - Time Delay Relays/Timers (Available with Digital Displays)
» Electromechanical Synchronous Timers
»  Hour Meters, Time Switches (Quartz / digital / Analog - Single / Double Dial)
» Rotary Switches
» Voltage / Current Selector Switches
» Change Over Switches / Reverse Forward Switches

Note : ABOVE all products are marketed by M/S Larsen & Toubro Ltd.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We shall Ensure pride of professionalism and grow our organization profitably by :


  • Understanding that Market Leadership comes only with Handwork and Sustained Dedication.


  • Knowing Our Customers and Delivering what they want in time.


  • Marketing Quality Products and services, superior warranties, technical competence and honest communication.


  • Delivering our products and services with a fun and friendly spirit that will exceed expectations, and produce long and lasting relationships.


  • Helping everyone develop both personally and professionally.


  • Treating everyone with respect, providing a clean and safe workplace and being environmentally responsible.


© Mahesh Engg 2010


Our Agencies



» Highly Flexible
» Long Life
» High Reliability
» Greater Rigidity
» Enhanced Safety & Convenient

» Aesthetic
» Versatile Mounting
» Terminal Covers
» Locking Devices

GIC Timer         

Auto - reset Synchornous Timer :

EM 1000 auto-reset syncronous timer is an "ON-Delay" timer suitable for critical process requiring precise operating delays and very high accuracy. This timer offers several ranges of time delays from 0.15 seconds 120 hours with repeat accuracy of +/- 0.5%.

Optional features :
» Base mounting version
» Additional contacts
» No-Volt protection feature
» Multi-range time

Solid State Time Delay Relay :

ETR 500 Solid State timer incorporates CMOS technology. Timing accuracy is not affeted by normal variations of voltage and frequency.

It is designed for excellent repeat accuracy and low power consumption. This timer offers several ranges from 0.3 seconds to 120 Min. Since terminals are in front, writing is easy and effortless.

Mode available :
» ON Delay, Interval, Signal Off Delay, Cyclic     Delayed, Cyclic Instant.


Hager MCB
Hager is one of the leading international manufacturers of electrical distribution equipments. Its advanced design is reflected in both the efficiency of the product as well as its aesthetics. Hager products are available in over 40 countries throughout the world including of course, India.

Volta enclosures
IP30 flush mounting enclosure
Available in 1 to 4 row versions, from 12 to 48 modules » Made of Polystyrene with metallic door & frame
Door is reversible and can be locked
Enclosures can be bayed together for maximum flexibity


Residentail Current Circuit Breakers
Opens the circuit automatically in the event of an earth leakage
Available in 2 &4 pole with sensitivities 30, 100 & 300mA
Available in 25, 40, 63 & 100A
Conforms to IEC 1008
Protection against nuisance tripping i.e. All Hager RCCBs are protected against transient voltages. (lightening, inductive, switching etc.)


Push button
» Push button rated 16A with or without indicatior light having option of 1 NO, 2 NO, or 1NO+1NC contact
» These are used to actuate loads either directly or via contractors.


Analogue voltmeters
» For domestic & commercial Installations
» Range 0-500V
» Single phase: direct connection
» Three phase: use of voltmeter selector switch
» Accuracy : 2%


L&T  Meters

The L&T series of panel meters is a new addition to the range of switchgear products marketed by L&T. The panel meter series includes ammeters, voltmeters, wattmeters, powerfactor meters, frequency and maximum demand ammeters.

The Rishline S100 Series of panel meters incorporates the benefits of contemporary technological developements. Innovative engineering translates into major advantages in terms of accuracy, reliability and ease of operations.

Unique Scale Changing Facility
An outstanding design feature of L&T meters is the facility for interchanging of scales, including moving iron meters. The leads to anumber of advantages. You can cut down inventory and minimise capital expenditure while also reducing downtime.

Mutually Compatible case sizes
panel meters are available in three different case sizes :

» 72 X 72 mm
» 96 X 96 mm
» 144 X 144 mm


directions - From Central Busstand


Typical Road Map to Reach us from Central Bus Stand Area......

Check Map , click here

Central Bus Stand, Shahupuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
  • 2.3 km - about 4 mins
1. Head northeast toward Benadikar Path
0.1 km
2. Turn left at Benadikar Path
0.1 km
3. Turn right toward Station Rd/NH204
0.2 km
4. Take the 1st left onto Station Rd/NH204
Pass by Petrol Pump (on the right in 1.2 km)
1.4 km
5. Turn left at Dasara Chowk toward Konda Oal
0.3 km
6. Take the 2nd left onto Konda Oal
0.1 km
Konda Oal, Lakshmipuri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India





Our Esteemed Customers

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